BUOY Floating Hat Comparison

BUOY WEAR floating hats were designed to float above the water's surface. Compare this to a normal hat or 99% of the hats on the market, that were not designed to float, and the difference becomes crystal clear. BUOY WEAR floating hats were designed with the hydromaniac in mind, created so that they will never lose a hat doing what they love; kiteboarding, SUPing, boating, fishing or anything else water related. When a regular hat falls into the water while participating in a water sport or water related activity, the hat will typically sit just below the surface or it will simply sink, never to be seen again. Water conditions consisting of waves, wind chop or river currents often fill an average hat with water so quickly that chances for losing the hat to the water gods is almost a certainty.



With our patent pending floating technology, BUOY WEAR hats float above the water's surface, allowing it to be spotted and retrieved easily after it has fallen, washed or blown off your head. In our example photo below, you can see how our BUOY WEAR floating hat sits above the water's surface. The other hats in the photo sit submerged below the surface of the water.

BUOY Floating Hat Comparison - BUOY WEAR

No matter the conditions, BUOY WEAR floating hats will always rise quickly and float noticeably above the water's surface. We have tested our hats in overhead waves, raging rapids, huge wind chop and everything in between.

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