Our Story

BUOY WEAR photo collage featuring our floating, waterproof headwear, and water sports athletes and passionates wearing them - BUOY WEAR

BUOY WEAR is owned and operated by water sports enthusiasts on a mission to create revolutionary apparel for other like-minded water sports enthusiasts.

In 2017, we introduced our first product; the ultimate floating hat. Our team has dedicated more than four years perfecting the floating, waterproof hat. During that time, the cap has been put to the test daily in extreme wind, water, and sun conditions in countries all over the world.

Our exceptional hat is available in different colors and looks stylish on and off the water. Due to its floating core and sun coverage, the BUOY hat has become an essential accessory designed to meet the needs of all water sports passionates.

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BUOY founder John Ruffing wearing the Orange Floating, Waterproof Trucker Hat with Snapback on a dock in Mexico with boats in the background - BUOY WEAR
The Black, Red and Orange Floating, Waterproof Trucker Hats with Snapback on a rock wall with a purple beach house and palm trees in the background - BUOY WEAR
Women during a kite camp wearing our Floating, Waterproof Trucker Hats with Snapback on a SUP in the ocean in Mexico - BUOY WEAR