Floating Hat Care Guide

​The BUOY WEAR team wants you to love wearing your BUOY WEAR floating hat, both on and off the water. Like any hat, it needs to feel just as good as it looks. This is a guide with tips for increasing the comfort of your floating cap, as well as useful tricks for keeping your water-friendly hat looking in tip-top shape.



For some, BUOY WEAR floating hats are a little like owning a baseball glove or a pair of patent leather shoes, at first it may feel a little stiff, but once broken in and shaped, your BUOY WEAR hat can be worn comfortably for hours.

So the question is, how do you “comfortably” break in and shape your BUOY WEAR floating hat while wearing it? Here are a few tips and tricks for breaking in and shaping your BUOY WEAR cap:

  • Go riding (boating, boarding, etc.) and get your hat wet while wearing it.
  • Rotate wearing the hat forwards and backwards every 30 mins.
  • Tighten the hat when wet, loosen the hat when dry.
  • Roll the brim to a desired curve.
  • Watch our video below for more great ways to break in your BUOY WEAR floating hat.



Functionally we guarantee that your BUOY WEAR floating hat will always float back to the surface when blown, dropped, or dunked in water. Aesthetically we cannot guarantee that your BUOY WEAR floating hat will always look brand new, but we can guarantee that how you treat your hat will definitely have a huge impact on how nice your hat looks over time.

Your BUOY WEAR floating hat is made of hi-tech materials that keep it floating in all water conditions, but its unique construction also makes it susceptible to dents or wrinkles if treated with disregard. Here are a few tips and tricks for taking good care of your BUOY WEAR floating hat and keeping it looking awesome on and off the water:

  • Never lay anything on top of your hat.
  • Avoid crushing or smashing your hat.
  • Hang your hat up when not wearing it whenever possible.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when not wearing your hat.
  • Be gentle to your snapback when adjusting the size of your hat.
  • Do not wear your hat so tight that it will not come off in a crash. That is hard on the snapback and besides, BUOY WEAR hats FLOAT! 
  • Lightly rinse with fresh water after exposure to salt water.



The below pictures show two BUOY WEAR floating caps that are exactly the same age. They are roughly 4 months old in the below pictures.

BUOY WEAR Floating Hats, Floating Hat Care Guide - BUOY WEAR

The hat on the left was treated with disregard. It was regularly thrown into trunks, vans, and luggage racks with other kite gear and wetsuits. It often had gear tossed directly on top of it. It was often left outside in the direct sunlight. It is also worthy to note, this hat saw less time on the water than its counter part (the hat in the picture on the right).

The hat on the right was treated with care. It was never smashed nor did it have things piled on top of it. It was worn or hung dry after being in the water and rinsed after being in salt water. It saw daily time on the water throughout the summer. And it still looks great!

Be nice to your BUOY WEAR floating hat and it will be nice to you ;)

We hope these tips were helpful. If you have any questions, be sure to message us via our Contact Us page.

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy your BUOY WEAR floating, waterproof hat and remember to have an awesome time on the water doing what you love!