BUOY Floating Hat Dry Test

The BUOY WEAR floating hat will dry extremely fast after being completely soaked with water or when in direct contact with H2O. In the video above, we did a comparative test to show the difference of dry times from our BUOY floating hat to normal hats on the market. We completely soaked each hat and placed them in the sun with a timer set to see how fast each dried.

The BUOY water hat had a dry time of roughly 10 minutes long. The other hats hat a dry time 1.5-3 hours and still were a bit moist after our comparison test. The BUOY floating hat far exceeded the performance test for drying and is the perfect hat for water enthusiasts who are around water or directly participating in a water sport. Our hats dry fast, so after you are done doing what you love on the water you can still sport it off the water. True surf to turf style!

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