River SUPing with BUOY's Floating Hat

SUPBUDDY founder Devin Carroll SUPing and wearing a BUOY WEAR floating hat

BUOY WEAR's floating hat is awesome for any and all water related activities during which you could potentially lose your hat to the water. After losing dozens of hats in the water, we created our floating hat with loads of features for the water enthusiasts in mind. Ripping down rivers on a SUP with the confidence of knowing that you will not lose your hat to the rapids is pretty amazing. We tested the BUOY floating hats on a great sunny Northwest day near Hood River, Oregon. Not only do we river-stand-up-paddle-board with our floating hat, but we also use our SUPBUDDY koozie that sticks to the SUP board. For river SUPing, these two gear items are essential for having a fantastic run down the rivers.

Stand Up Paddleboards with a BUOY floating hat and SUPBUDDY's

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